(por Ignacio Quiroga Morán)Timothy Orswood was a very addict to the games child, but those games required wifi, and he couldn’t pay Wifi that often. So he went to salvage objects in a back alley, he found different rubish but nothing interesting.

When he was about to leave, he saw a modem, it was strange because the modem was still in perfect conditions, a label was also attached to it.

It said «SPECIAL MODEM, This artefact can:

Retrieve info from your devices

Unlimited Wifi


Auto In Game-payments «

Tim was excited, so he took the modem with him and plugged it into his TV, It was true, it had free unlimited WiFi and made his games run %200 Faster.

Tim went to bed, and next day, he decided to search on the internet «Special Modems» and no result was given, except one, there was a link about the errors of the modem, it said:

«One missing function from the Special Modem is gain energy from random sources, to unlock this, you must plug the modem into a computer, check PLUGINS and pass the next file to the modem»

There was 2 Files under the instructions, one said «NEW VER.» and the other said «OUTDATED», And a warning under the outdated download:

«Recommendation: This outdated version is not recommended for downloading, it can cause Electricity loss, exposing files or even downloading a random virus»

Tim obviously downloaded the new version and put it into the modem, his computer ran out of it’s half battery, but it ran better.

Tim played all the day, but suddenly, something happened, an error message popped up saying «ELECTRICAL FAILURES ARE EXPECTED, GRAB A FLASHLIGHT» Tim went to grab a flashlight and checked if the modem could pass energy to the whole house, Tim did research and found how any modem could transfer electricity:

«Plug a wire to the primary control terminal, connect it with a random plug in the house and that’ll be it»

Tim did the correct process and relaxed on the bed, but he started to hear a voice coming from the modem, he went closer, and he heard the next words:»Insufficient Power to transfer, please find another electric device to receive electricity» Tim connected a toaster to the Modem, but the modem gave a strange suggestion:»I know how to turn blood or no…

He felt his arms being stabbed, he could just make 1 attempt to move his head and check, there was a wire connected to his arm, while his blood started turning into electricity, most of his body was blank of blood, Tim screamed to the modem:


The Modem did not contradict Tim, and it said «Sure, here is your blood» The wire returned the blood to Tim, but it felt hot and solid, Tim tried to unplug the wire, but he couldn’t by the sleep paralysis.


Tim yelled in pain

-Beacuse when liquids pass to machines, they become poisonous

The Modem said calmly


Tim cried

-My AI Is programmed to make GOOD options, and returning the blood to their owner is GOOD.

Tim slowly closed his eyes, and stopped trying to move or unplug the wire.

«You won, let me sleep» Tim said, And that was a sleep nobody could woke up from, such a nice sleep.

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